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Is It Worth Hiring A Lawyer To Handle Your Property Insurance Claim?

Insurance Claim Appraisal

There are many times that insurance companies prefer to resolve the property damage claim through the use of an alternative dispute resolution method called Appraisal. The insurance companies often will send out a letter to their policy holder when there is a claim dispute in the amount of the damages, that the insurance company is demanding appraisal.

Often homeowners run to hire an attorney who charges 30-35 percent of the settlement when the claim can still get settled in appraisal.

I observed an attorney once charge his customer twenty thousand dollars for doing virtually nothing on the claim except help choose the umpire. Most lawyers will charge a customer between one and two thousand dollars if they have to go to court to get an umpire named by the court. In the example I am writing about this attorney did not have to go to court. The lawyer just needed to get the attorney for the insurance company to agree with the name of the umpire. The same lawyer never even filed one piece of paper!

The claim got totally resolved in appraisal between the appraisal panel.

The customer was forced to pay this attorney twenty thousand dollars for almost doing nothing.

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