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Palm Beach Gardens Insurance Claim Appraisal Success Story

Palm Beach Gardens Insurance Claim Appraisal

Joseph & Jane’s home had water damage from a broken shower pan that caused water damage to their master bedroom carpet, bathroom walls and vanity.  The water went thru their bathroom ceiling and damaged the ceiling below in their den too.

They reported the claim to their homeowner’s insurance company. After meeting with the insurance company adjuster, they realized they were in a fight for their life to get their property damage insurance claim properly paid.

The retired home owners have lived in their Palm Beach Gardens residence for 15 years and never made an insurance claim. They thought this will be simple, just report the claim to their insurance company and all would be taken care of, so they thought?

The adjuster for the insurance company told them we are not paying you back for the plumbing leak detection and we will only consider paying for part of your shower? Since according to the insurance company adjuster, you can repair your shower?  The homeowner’s plumber thought otherwise, that the shower was not repairable and had to be torn out and replaced. The adjuster then told his customers that they had to rip down the shower so he could re-inspect the shower before he would offer any claim money.

At that point of time not being able to use their mater bathroom shower Joseph & Jane were fed up with the insurance adjusters’ antics! Joseph and Jane then called Florida Insurance Claim Appraisal to review their damages.

At this time the insurance company offered their customers $3,000 total to repair their home. Florida Insurance Claim Appraisal computed an estimate of the damages at $25,000.

In order to get a fair and quick claim insurance claim settlement, Joseph and Jane decided they wanted to go through the appraisal process.  The insurance company agreed to move forward with the appraisal and named their appraiser.

It was not much of a surprise that the named appraiser was the owner of the independent insurance claim company that represented this carrier, and this carrier was the small independent adjusting company largest client to boot.

In appraisal, your appraiser has to be up to the challenges and dirty antics often employed by Florida Insurance Carriers and their soldiers. However, the two appraisers were able to agree and appointment a fair and impartial umpire.

The insurance company soldier did his best to lower the out come of the appraisal for the insurance company’s advantage. The fair and impartial umpire ruled in favor of the appraiser for the policy holder.

The insurance company’s offer of $3000.00 turned in to an award of $20,000 in less than 3 weeks’ time.  Please note that the outcome of any appraisal, or going to court to settle a loss can’t be guaranteed.

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