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Get Your Florida Insurance Claim Settlement. No Attorney Needed.

alternative dispute resolution

If your insurance claim was denied full coverage on your property damage insurance claim unfortunately you probably do need an attorney.

However, if your claim was underpaid or lowballed even if the Florida insurance company offered a settlement below your insurance claim deductible. You have another cost effect and quick option to get a fair insurance claim settlement.

Many Florida attorneys do not want you to know about this option? The dispute resolution option is called Appraisal. Insurance Claim Appraisals usually take from three to six months to get done from start to finish on a small claim. Whereas most legal disputes usually take from 1.5 years to three years to get resolved.

Many Florida Insurance policies offer the policyholders this form of dispute resolution called Appraisal. Appraisal is the process of properly and quickly resolving your underpaid insurance claim, and you do not need an attorney! In appraisal you hire your own appraiserthat’s us! The insurance company hires their own appraiser. The two appraisers have to agree to appoint a third party as the referee or neutral. If the two appraisers can not agree who will be the referee? Either the policy holder or insurance company may go before a Judge of a local court to appoint the referee. Appointing the right referee who is going to be fair to both sides is sometimes very difficult! The importance of hiring the right referee is of the utmost importance in the appraisal process. If any of the two appraisers, or any one appraiser and referee agree to an amount of the damages, the appraisal becomes binding and the insurance company must pay the amount agreed upon. Also the policyholder must except the final figures. It is very difficult, if not nearly impossible, to challenge the final appraisal in court! Appraisal is a binding resolution. It is also important to understand that the insurance company and policy holder split the cost of the referee. This means that the policy holder has to pay 50% of the referee’s invoice, even if you are not happy with the results.

Some appraisals get resolved without having to get the named umpire involved in the dispute. That is when both appraisers work out the figures between themselves. This often happens, but the larger the dispute the less likely this is to happen.

Not all appraisers bring the proper experience to the table! It is recommended that before you hire an appraiser you discuss his/her background? Make sure the appraiser has no conflict of interest with any or all of the parties involved.

If your insurance claim has been underpaid, please call Florida Insurance Claim Appraisal (FICA) at 954-978-0886 to allow us to determine if your claim dispute is a good candidate to go to appraisal.