How Much Does It Cost for an Appraisal to Resolve My Insurance Claim?

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One of the main advantages of Insurance Appraisal is the low costs when compared to other means of resolving the dispute. For a typical an average residential loss, a policyholder should expect paying their Appraiser anywhere between $1500 - $3000. The insured pays the full cost of an appraiser directly hired by them. Typically, the Appraiser will bill on a per hour basis, so costs can vary depending on factors unique to the loss.

When compared to having to fork over a third (33.3%) of your insurance proceeds to a Florida Attorney to litigate, insurance appraisal is very cost effective!

The insured also pays 50% of the umpire fees. The umpire is the third party in the panel selected by agreement of the two appraisers. The Umpire is only required when the two Appraisers cannot come to an agreement on the loss, so if the Appraisers are able to resolve the appraisal together, there is no additional costs to the policyholder. An Umpire fee is typically anywhere between $500 - $3000, which would split between the homeowner and the insurance company. The variables in these fees reflect the different types of appraisals. Roof appraisals are typically less expensive than fire damage appraisals.

In addition to appraiser fees there may be expert witness or testimony fees for engineers and/or contractors. However, by utilizing a Florida licensed Public Insurance Adjuster, the need for additional experts is reduced as a public adjuster’s expertise is specifically in these types of matters.

As any additional costs are very important to a policyholder who recently suffered a loss to their home or property, I will always review a potential client’s claim and provide an accurate estimate of the expected costs. This ensures that everyone is on the same page to make the most educated decision possible. Call me toll free at 954-978-0886 and I'll be more than happy to help explain what type of costs can be expected to get your claim resolved the right way!